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We the undersigned, support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrant youth who entered this country before their 18th birthday, commonly referred to as Dreamers. These individuals have been raised, educated, and employed here. Most consider the United States their home and for many, this is the only country they have known.

In 2012, President Barack Obama provided temporary relief through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which provided some immigrant youth an opportunity to come out of the shadows in exchange for a temporary reprieve from deportation and work authorization. For the past 9 years, over 600,000 immigrants, including 9,000 Utahns, have benefited from this program. They were permitted to work with authorization, go to school, and live without the looming fear of deportation. Unfortunately, in the last four years, DACA recipients saw tremendous turmoil because of multiple attempts to end the program and ensuing litigation. The constant whiplash in Washington D.C. and courts throughout the nation continue to upend the lives of DACA recipients and their communities. The DACA began as a temporary fix to a broken immigration system. It is past time for a permanent solution. A recent poll administered by the Deseret News and the Hinckley institute of politics showed that 55% of Utahns support a permanent solution, a legislation to provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.[1]

This year marked the 20th anniversary since the first Dream Act, which was co-sponsored by Utah’s Senator Orin Hatch, was introduced in 2001. In March 2021, H.R.6: The Dream and Promise Act 2021 was introduced, a bill that would create an accessible roadmap to citizenship for certain immigrants including Dreamers, DACA recipients, and TPS holders. The bill creates a three-step process by which individuals can apply to receive permanent residency and eventually citizenship. The Dream and Promise Act 2021 represents the first step to restoring security, safety, and a sense of belonging into the lives of tens of thousands of individuals. They are our friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, students, and are deserving of a life full of stability and belonging.

H.R.6 has already passed the House of Representatives and we urge the Senate to move forward as expeditiously as possible on this matter. H.R.6, if passed by the Senate, would permit individuals that qualify to apply for and receive permanent resident status on a conditional basis for 10 years and establishes a pathway to citizenship. It imposes qualifying requirements such as being continuously physically present in the United States since January 1, 2021, pass background checks[2], and complete one of the following: be enrolled in or having completed certain educational programs (high school or college), serve in the military, or being employed.

We, the undersigned, represent organizations, corporations, community leaders, and everyday people living and working in Utah. We support the passage of H.R.6: The Dream and Promise Act 2021. We call on Utah’s elected Congressional Delegation to honor the wishes of most of their constituents and the roots of the original Dream Act and vote YES in support of passing this piece of legislation.

[1]: https://www.deseret.com/utah/2021/4/3/22362838/poll-shows-utahns-favor-citizenship-path-dreamers-daca-illiegal-immigration-deseret-news-hinckley
[2]: Applicants cannot have been convicted of certain crimes nor be considered gang members, public safety, or national security threats.

Current Signatories from Utah Business, Organization, Academic, and Community Leaders


Alliance Community Services

Association for Utah Community Health

Centro de la Familia de UtahGonzalo Palza, CEO

Christian Center of Park CityRob Harter, Executive Director

Community Health Connect

Comunidades Unidas

Consulado de México en Salt Lake City

Crossroads Urban Center

Davis Technical CollegeDarin Brush, President

Holy Cross Ministries

Midtown Community Health CenterAlicia Martinez, CEO

No More a Stranger Foundation

Ogden-Weber Technical CollegeJim R. Taggart, President

People's Health Clinic

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah

Rose Park Neighborhood Center

Salt Lake Community CollegeDeneece G. Huftalin, President

SimpleCitizenSam Stoddard, CEO

Snow CollegeScott L. Wyatt, President

Southwest Utah Community Health CenterLori Wright, CEO

UCLR | Utah Coalition of La Raza

United Way of Salt Lake

University of Utah Health Plans

University of UtahDr. Michael L. Good, Interim President

Utah Citizens' Counsel

Utah Health Policy Project

Utah Multicultural Civic Council

Utah State UniversityNoelle E. Cockett, President

Utah Valley UniversityAstrid Tuminez, President

Utahns Against Hunger

Voices for Utah ChildrenMoe Hickey, CEO

Weber State UniversityDr. Brad L. Mortensen, President

Westminster CollegeDr. Bethami Dobkin, President

Wing & HowlDaniel Gonzalez, Marketer in Chief

YWCA of Utah

Current Signatories from Individual Utahans

Leah Adams

Margarite Allen

John Allen

Sheryl Allen

Shannon Allsop

Ciriac Alvarez-Valle

Gabriella Archuleta

Pablo Ayala

Claudia Barillas

Lauren Beheshti

John Bennion

John Bollwinkel

Sharie Bollwinkel

Ruth S. Burkett

Emma Cano

Christian Cano

Madison Carrasco

Aranza Castillo

Matt Chadbourne

Rebecca Chavez-Houck

William Cosgrove, MD

Mayer Costa

David Dominguez

George H. Durham

Ashley Engeler

Matthew Floyd

Sebastian de Freitas

Claudia Fruin

Matthew R. Gale

Noriadnys Gomez

Samuel Gonzalez

Ruth González-Muhlestein

James H.

Eddy Hernandez

Miya Jensen

Valeria Jimenez

Andrea Kalvesmaki

Tawhid Khan

Paul Kuttner

Jennifer Lapachian

Elsie Lopez

Xris Macias

Laís Martinez

Laís Martinez

Ernie Martinez

Cheryll L. May

Edward Heriberto Mayer

Kim McGuire

Joshua Miner

Lee Moss

Carol Nuttall

Araueni Olivares

Rebecca Otsuka

Meera Patel

Ryan Pilstl

Abigail Piña

JoCee Porter

Pavithra Prabakaran

Sergio Chavez Rangel

Genesis Roe

Yekaterina Romanovskaya

Karina Segura

Kevin Michael Smith

Steven Sprigler

David Suehsdorf

Emrah Tanyildizi

Michelle Thorley

Isael Torres

Benson Weeks

Ross Wille

Alexandra Williamson

Marti Woolford

Aydé Soto Wright

McKay Zuniga

Mauro Zuniga

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